7 Habits that are Ruining Your Teeth!

Studio Dental NY - 7 Habits That are Ruining Your Teeth

We all know the importance of regular brushing and flossing in keeping our teeth and gums healthy. But sometimes, more is needed. Unfortunately, there are many habits we practice unknowingly that is severely damaging our teeth. This blog will discuss 7 habits destroying our teeth and ruin our smiles.  This prevalent dental issue can severely […]

Stained Teeth and What are my Options to Fix Them?

Studio Dental NY - Yellow TStudio Dental NY: Natural Dentistry Center in New Yorkeeth VS White Teeth

Would you date someone with stained teeth? Probably not! That’s how important your teeth are in making you look attractive. And there is research to prove it! According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey 1, people with perfectly aligned, pearly white teeth are considered more attractive and appealing than those with imperfect smiles and […]

Bad Breath: Causes and Treatment

Studio Dental NY - Bad Breath: Causes and Treatment

One of the most embarrassing situations one can experience is being told that their breath stinks! Unfortunately, this problem is quite prevalent. According to an estimate, 1 in every 2 US adults has bad breath 1. To further complicate matters, people with bad breath are not even aware of this issue until they are told about […]