We all know the importance of regular brushing and flossing in keeping our teeth and gums healthy. But sometimes, more is needed. Unfortunately, there are many habits we practice unknowingly that is severely damaging our teeth. This blog will discuss 7 habits destroying our teeth and ruin our smiles. 

  1. Teeth Grinding and Clenching 

This prevalent dental issue can severely affect oral health and damage the teeth. According to the American Sleep Foundation, up to 50% of US adults grind their teeth during the day or in sleep 1.

Grinding our teeth puts a lot of pressure on them, resulting in the wear of the opposing enamel surfaces. This causes the teeth to become sensitive and prone to dental cavities. At the same time, mechanical abrasion of the teeth results in flattening their cusps (the pointed edges on the biting surfaces), making it harder to chew and digest food. 

Finally, teeth grinding, also called bruxism, puts constant pressure on the jaw joints. This leads to a group of conditions called temporomandibular joint disorders, characterized by clicking and popping sounds, difficult or limited mouth opening, and even jaw dislocations. 

So, if you or a loved one grinds their teeth, consult your cosmetic and implant dentistry Gramercy Park, NY, practice today to seek treatment. 

  1. Parafunctional Habits 

These habits are not part of routine dental function but are extremely harmful to the teeth. Examples of parafunctional habits include nail biting, tongue thrusting, and jaw clenching. These habits are among the common causes of tooth misalignment in children. Furthermore, these habits can cause unnecessary facial changes and temporomandibular joint disorders. If parents observe that their children have one of the parafunctional habits, they must take immediate steps to stop them. The first step to preventing these habits is to seek professional dental help. 

  1. Using Too Much Force While Brushing 

Many people think that the harder you brush your teeth, the better they will be cleaning. Unfortunately, this is an extremely dangerous assumption. The fact is that when you brush your teeth too hard, it can harm your teeth and gums. First, it results in the mechanical wear of the dental enamel, making them sensitive, mechanically weaker, and more prone to tooth decay. Secondly, excessive brushing force damages the gums, resulting in their recession from their normal positions towards the gums. This exposes the underlying gums, creating aesthetic concerns and making the teeth even more sensitive. Furthermore, the American Dental Association recommends choosing a soft brush not to harm your teeth and gums 2. So, it is always a good idea to use gentle force while brushing one’s teeth; optimal cleaning depends on using the right brushing technique and the force applied. 

  1. Using Teeth as Tools

Can’t find the scissors? Don’t worry; let me use my teeth to open the bag! Is a bottle opener not available? No issue; why not use my teeth? These habits are seriously damaging our teeth. Nature has blessed us with teeth for eating and speaking, not as tools. Using our teeth to open things puts massive pressure on them and may even result in fractures or chipping. Another dangerous habit is chewing ice cubes; while it may sound harmless, it is simply not recommended as it does more harm than good. 

  1. Smoking 

What harm could a few daily cigarettes do to my teeth, right? Right? Think again! According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking significantly increases the risk of gum disease and periodontal inflammation 3. Besides, excessive smoking stains our teeth and causes bad breath. So, while some people may find smoking a good stress reliever, this habit seriously damages our oral health and physical well-being. So, stop this habit before it permanently damages your teeth and ruins your smile!

  1. Alcoholic and Fizzy Drinks

We all know that alcoholic and acidic drinks are bad for physical health. But did you know that these drinks can also harm your teeth? While Alcohol-containing beverages stain our teeth and cause bad breath, excessive intake of fizzy and carbonated drinks can cause chemical erosion of the teeth, especially if they contain sugar, says the American Dental Association 4.  So, the best thing is to avoid these drinks as much as possible. If that is not possible, one must use a straw to drink them so they don’t adhere to the teeth. 

  1. Using Pointed Objects as Toothpicks 

Did you know that toothpicks can actually damage your teeth and gums? They can injure our gums if not used carefully, causing bleeding and gingival inflammation. Using pointed objects like needles or ball-point pens as toothpicks are even more dangerous. If you have something stuck between your teeth, you try to remove it using dental floss. If that is unsuccessful, don’t try anything else; simply visit your dentist for further treatment. 

Not visiting your dentist regularly for checkups is another serious mistake harming your teeth! So, never miss a checkup appointment with your dentist. if you are looking for a renowned cosmetic and implant dentistry Gramercy Park, NY, practice, Dr. Toksoy’s | Studio Dental NY should be your first choice! At Dr. Toksoy’s | Studio Dental NY, our experienced and highly qualified dentist, Dr. David Toksoy, will take all measures to ensure the optimal health of your teeth and gums and preserve your beautiful and attractive smile. So, book an appointment today and start your journey toward your dream smile. 


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