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Best dentist in NY, with a massive experience in dental sector

  • Boston University, Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine | Doctor of Dental Medicine

  • New York University | Department of Esthetic Dentistry | Clinical Instructor, Faculty

  • Harvard University | OMFS Externship

  • Tufts University | OMFS Externship

  • UCLA | OMFS Externship

  • LLU | OMFS Externship

  • State of the Art in Anterior Veneers, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Implant Dentistry, New York Implant Institute

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • American Dental Association

  • New York State Dental Association

  • New York County Dental Society

Studio Dental NY - Dr. David Toksoy Smiling
Studio Dental NY - ABOUT DR. TOKSOY

Inspired by Nature

“Primum non nocere”
“First, to do no harm”

This quote protects its meaning and value, from the early days of medicine, when Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine first said it.

Being from the lands where Hippocrates was from, Dr. Toksoy’s motto is to provide his patients the information and knowledge on their own health, show them how they can change their lives with the help of a beautiful and healthy smile.

Receiving his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the prestigious Boston University School of Dental Medicine graduating with honors, Dr. Toksoy continued his education vigorously to provide the best dental care available to his patients. He is a part time faculty, clinical instructor at New York University, Department of Esthetic Dentistry, besides the time he provides treatment at private practices. 

Being inspired and mentored by the father of biomimetic dentistry, Dr. Toksoy makes his smile designs customized to every patient, therefore, minimally preparing or not preparing any teeth while doing smile designs. Thus, avoiding any unnecessary harm to healthy teeth, following his motto, “First, to do no harm” while changing the smiles of patients and helping them smile with confidence and natural appearance.

Beside his vigorous study on dentistry, Dr. Toksoy does acting and martial arts when he is not doing dentistry. He is a big enthusiast of history, philosophy and fine arts. A member of Carnegie Council for Ethics, he is a big advocate of ethics and morality as a fan of Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. He travels frequently back to Europe to visit family and explore the history and artwork.

Dr. Toksoy provides dentistry to the ones in need one day a month to help the health of the community, without charge.

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We donate a percent of our profits to the Smile Train, world’s largest cleft charity based in NY! We encourage you to donate as well, their smiles are priceless!

Studio Dental NY: Natural Dentistry Center in New York
Studio Dental NY: Natural Dentistry Center in New York