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Emergency dentist in NY

Dental Emergency Gramercy Park, Manhattan, NY

We give a COMPLIMENTARY DENTAL EXAM for our patients without dental insurance that are in urgent need of a dentist due to an emergency, as long as you are seen within the working hours!!

At Dr. Toksoy Studio Dental NY Gramercy Park, Manhattan, NY location, we accommodate for our patients in need of a dental emergency treatment immediately.

If you are in severe dental pain and need to see us asap, please email us at info@drdavidtoksoy.com or text or call us at 212-260-2652

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

What should I do if my tooth hurts?

Tooth pain can be caused by many reasons including; severe decayed teeth, gum inflammation, abscess, chronic infection, inflammation of chewing muscles and more. If your tooth hurts, you should see us immediately to tale care of the cause of the pain before it progresses.

When can I see the doctor?

The doctor will accommodate for emergency dental patients and will call you to talk and try to understand the extent of the urgency and schedule an appointment asap.

Emergency dentist in NY Emergency dentist in NY 

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