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Implant Dentist NY

What are dental Implants?

Dental Implants are one of the biggest inventions in dentistry that replace a missing tooth. A dental implant is usually made of titanium dioxide, it is a part that replicates the root of the teeth.

Back in the day, when you lost a tooth, you had very few options to replace your missing teeth. One was, if you had strong adjacent teeth to the missing tooth area, shaving down the strong teeth and putting crowns on them, to hold the crown in the middle, hence a bridge. This technique harmed your healthy adjacent teeth and caused future problems that sometimes even caused you to lose more teeth.

Today, the dental implants serve as a replicating root that enables us to use the implant as a support for your new tooth without harming other teeth.

Implant Dentist NY

Can I get an implant? Am I too old for implants?

If you are generally healthy; if you do not have uncontrolled diabetes, a significant uncontrolled cardiovascular disease, smoking habits and do not use any medication like bisphosphanates that interfere with bone healing, you can be a great candidate for implants no matter what your age is.

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Do I have enough bone for dental implants?

The other important factor is your bone level and quality. Since the implant integrates to your bone, it needs at least 1 mm bone surrounding it and needs to be far enough from nerves and important vessels. To analyze this, we take a 3D cone beam tomography (CBCT) which shows us the width, height and quality of the bone as well as information about your anatomical landmarks to make sure we place the implant safely and plan ahead of the implant placement if we need to do any adjustments.

Dental implants are usually placed under local anesthesia, which is the same anesthetics we use for doing a simple filling or most other routine dental work. During the procedure, you might feel some vibrations or mild pressure, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. After the procedure, if you take your antibiotics and pain medications prescribed by your doctor in time, you should have very mild pain, if any. Pain or swelling usually subsides after 1-2 days and rarely lasts longer than a week. Your doctor will make sure you are comfortable and know the steps of post operative care. But again, please make sure you contact Dr. Toksoy and the practice asap for any concern or need anytime.

Implants can take from 2 months up to 6 months to heal and integrate with the bone, This healing process happens microscopically, therefore, except the first couple days after the placement of the implant, you shouldn’t feel anything.

If you are fitting the health criteria above with sufficient bone level and good oral hygiene and a doctor who planned the implant treatment right, implant success rates are above 95%.

This is a hard question to answer since expensive is a relative term. Is investing for a missing tooth to be replaced in the most non-invasive way and extending the lifetime of your other teeth by helping your teeth be in a harmonious bite worth investment? That said, our prices are more than fair, in our practice an implant to replace one tooth usually costs less than replacing one tooth with a bridge. To get more information book a free implant consultation and we will make sure we answer all of your questions!

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