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What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a very conservative, non-invasive treatment usually for those who have smaller teeth or have gaps between their teeth or chipped teeth.

Dental bonding is a composite resin material that is also used to do “fillings” that contain materials that match the tooth color almost perfectly.

For front teeth that are too small, discolored, that have gaps due to the small size or that are chipped in a restorable way, bonding might be a great option.

Dental Bonding in NY

How long Does Dental Bonding last?

It may not sound like a straight answer but it really varies. Materials that are used for bonding today are much better than they used to be years ago, and even then there is research that shows that the older materials were known for their long term success.

Factors that affect the long term success of the dental bonding are the bite (occlusion) of the patient. If you have a grinding problem, worn off teeth due to heavy grinding, a bite pattern that is not ideal, then chances are your bonding might not last long.

The other factors are smoking, heavy coffee and wine drinking and oral hygiene. If you are very thorough with your oral hygiene and do not smoke, or consume drinks and foods that can stain the tooth, chances are your bonding is not going to discolor anytime soon.

Veneers vs. Bonding?

Bondings are great, but sometimes limited. Every smile goal and every patient’s smile and desired smile is different. Bondings can be a good trial (due to it being non-invazive and more affordable) for couple years before going to decide for porcelain veneers for a definitive smile makeover. Dr. Toksoy will evaluate and explain you all your options to make sure you get the most non-invasive and tooth friendly treatments while you get the smile you desire. Book your free cosmetic dentistry consultation today and we will be happy to answer your questions in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, NY!

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