Would you date someone with stained teeth? Probably not! That’s how important your teeth are in making you look attractive. And there is research to prove it! According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey 1, people with perfectly aligned, pearly white teeth are considered more attractive and appealing than those with imperfect smiles and stained teeth. 

So, what to do if one has teeth stains? Are teeth stains permanent? No! Most teeth stains can be removed and, more importantly, prevented. This blog focuses on how teeth stains develop, how to avoid them, and their treatment options. So, read on!

How do Teeth Stains Develop Gramercy Park, NY Dentistry?

Teeth stains develop on the outer enamel layer of the teeth. This type of teeth staining is called external staining. There is another type of teeth staining called internal staining, in which the stains develop inside the tooth. The treatment of both types of teeth staining is different. 

What are the Causes of Teeth Staining Gramercy Park, NY Dentistry?

Here are some common causes of teeth staining. 

  • Poor Oral Hygiene – the most common cause of tooth stains is poor oral hygiene. When we neglect our regular oral hygiene measures, a fine layer of food debris deposits on the outer enamel of the teeth. This layer, called dental plaque, gets discolored over time due to food deposition and causes tooth staining. 
  • Coffee and Tea – did you know that excessive coffee and tea intake can cause teeth staining? Especially if one does not rinse their mouth or brush afterward. So, it is better to reduce your coffee and tea intake if you want to prevent teeth staining. 
  • Wine – red wine is among the most common causes of teeth staining. But, besides red wine, other alcoholic beverages can cause teeth staining. How, these drinks are very sugary. When you drink them, sugars remain attached to the teeth and promote plaque deposition and subsequent teeth staining. 
  • Age-related Changes – as one age, the teeth tend to become yellower. This happens due to the thickening of the outer enamel and exposure of the underlying, brownish dentine. 
  • Tooth Decay – tooth decay is caused by the localized destruction of the outer enamel layer, exposing the underlying tissues. These tissues are less resistant to staining than enamel. That is why decayed teeth appear stained. 
  • Strong-colored Foods – various curries and foods containing garlic and onion can cause teeth staining and increase the risk of bad breath!
  • Genetic Defects – some individuals have genetically weak teeth, which are more liable to staining than normal ones. 
  • Trauma – an injury to the tooth can cause internal bleeding, leading to internal staining. 

How are Teeth Stains Removed in Gramercy Park, NY, Dentistry?

Removal of teeth stains depends on the underlying cause. 

  1. External Teeth Stains 

External teeth stains, such as coffee, tea, and tobacco on the tooth’s exterior, can be removed through a professional teeth whitening procedure. In this procedure, strong yet very safe bleaching is applied to the teeth. This bleaching agent chemically dissolves the stains, leaving behind a fresh, pearly white tooth surface. 

  1. Internal Teeth Stains 

The removal of internal teeth stains requires another procedure called internal bleaching. In this procedure, the bleaching agent is applied within the tooth structure to remove the stains. 

  1. Permanent Teeth Stains 

Not all teeth stains can be removed with professional whitening; some stains are permanent. For example, teeth stains that develop due to tetracycline use during tooth development are permanent, and teeth bleaching does not work on them. For such teeth stains, the only option for your cosmetic and implant dentistry Gramercy Park, NY, practice is to mask them with porcelain veneers or crowns. 

How to Prevent Teeth Stains in Gramercy Park, NY Dentistry?

There is no match to our natural, pearly white teeth. Therefore, we must make every effort to preserve their shine and health. Fortunately, teeth stains can be prevented. Here are a few things that can help you avoid tooth staining:

  • Oral Hygiene – when you brush and floss regularly, you prevent plaque and tartar formation. This minimizes the risk of gum disease and tooth decay and prevents tooth staining. 
  • Diet Management – cutting down on strong-colored foods, red wines, and fizzy drinks is an excellent way of preventing teeth staining. Furthermore, one should increase the intake of fiber-rich foods in their diet to help keep the teeth clean and stain-free. 
  • Regular Dental Checkups – visiting your dentist regularly for oral health checkups can go a long way in preserving your pearly whites. How? Because when you see your dentist regularly, they will be able to detect any underlying problem with your teeth well before it becomes a big issue and treats it timely. If needed, they will perform professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar deposits, the starting point of teeth staining. 
  • Sugar-Free Gums – sugar-free or mint gums not only help keep your breath fresh but also help keep them clean. So, it is a good idea always to keep gums in your bags. 

Whatever the underlying cause, teeth staining indicates that you are looking after your oral health properly. So, staining of the teeth should never be taken lightly; it might be the beginning of something more serious! But, more importantly, teeth stains should not come in the way of your smile and self-confidence. So, if you have teeth stains and are looking for a renowned cosmetic and implant dentistry Gramercy Park, NY, practice, Dr. Toksoy’s | Studio Dental NY is the best place to go. At Dr. Toksoy’s | Studio Dental NY, we utilize a holistic approach to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, while enhancing your smile and facial aesthetics. No matter how strong your teeth stains are, our cosmetic dentists have a solution. So, book an appointment today and let us do our magic!


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