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Is this the right place to get a “Smile Makeover”?

Dr. Toksoy has trained under the pioneers of minimally invasive dentistry. It is a passion of his to provide dentistry that is ultimately necessary to keep the oral and general health optimal without doing any harm, following Hippocrates’ motto “First, to do no harm”

Therefore, he treatment plans his cosmetic dentistry/bonding/veneer cases very carefully to make sure he does not do more harm than good, providing the best possible results that are humanly possible with today’s most advanced techniques.

To be up to date with the advanced techniques, Dr. Toksoy participates in many lectures where he teaches, at the Esthetic Dentistry Department of New York University, and many lectures abroad and in the U.S. (also a good excuse to travel outside of NY, which is frequently needed!

We know it is hard to make a decision that would change your smile. That is why we offer free consultations to answer all your questions before you make a decision. Book it today and we will make sure your questions are answered!

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